Shirley Jean Woodward

Financial Secretary


Pastor Kathleen Anderson



Our Saviour’s Church Council
The Council is responsible for setting church policy, making financial decisions, and spiritual oversight of the church. The congregation votes to elect the Church Council at the annual meeting in September, upon recommendation of the nominating committee.  The church council meets 12 times per year (usually the second Thursday of the month).  Visitors are always welcome.  Those who would like to address the council are welcome to do so at the beginning of the meeting, with advance permission from the council president.

 2018-2019 Council

Sandy Loney, President
Matt Dominic, Vice President
Dawn Humburg, Secretary

Representative Members:
MIke Lindemann, Property & Management
Tim Nehring, Youth
Nick Davis, Evangelism
Jennifer Skow, Education
Mary Hacker, Worship
Kelley Smith-Larson, Stewardship


Pastor Kathleen Anderson

Advisory Member:

Shirley Jean Woodward, Financial Secretary